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    sum in generic load

    beck bakytbek

      Hi Folks,


      i have a situation , i am using this code:



      LOAD * INLINE [

      Product, Month, Sales

      A, Jan 2017, 10

      A, Mar 2017, 20

      A, Apr 2017, 30

      A, Apr 2017, 1

      B, Apr 2017, 2

      B, Apr 2017, 3

      B, Mai 2017, 40

      B, Jun 2017, 50





      LOAD DISTINCT Product

      Resident Table;



      For i = 1 to FieldValueCount('Month')


      LET vField = FieldValue('Month', $(i));


      Left Join (FinalTable)

      LOAD DISTINCT Product,

      Sales as [$(vField)]

      Resident Table

      Where Month = '$(vField)';



      DROP Table Table;



      My Problem (see attached screenshot) and Question is: how can i show with generic load the sum: 31 in Column Apr 2017 for Product A and Sum:5 for Product B with my Column: Apr 2017, as you see, the table generates a row and the same time my table produces the duplicates for another dimensions.


      Thanks a lot