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    Join Many-to-One, Keep Calculation

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Everyone,


      I have to join to tables, where one table relates to many rows of the other table.  My only issue is that if I do so, my counts and sums will go through the roof for the "one" rows since it will be duplicated.  For example, lets say my script looks like this:


      LOAD * Inline
        %playerId, Name, Location, Salary
          1,'Lebron James', Cleveland, '10000000'
          2,'Babe Ruth',New York, '9000000'
          3,'Cam Newton',Charlotte,'8000000'
      LEFT JOIN(Athletes)
      LOAD * Inline
        %playerId, GameName, Points
          2,'Home Run',4
          2,'Foul Ball',1
          3,'Pick Six',-1
          3,'Hail Mary',5


      How would I have a table so that the Sum of the salaries for the players so that they aren't multiplied by the number of Games theyve' played?


      2017-06-14 10_11_00-Qlik Sense Desktop.png


      Any help is greatly appreciated.