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    Graph selections not visually changing graph

    Stephen Koscumb

      Hello -- I have created a few very simple bar graphs showing a count of encounters and their associated lab values -- I've also created a few reference lines as guideposts -- for example, this is in a healthcare setting, and patient creatinine should be between 0.5 and 1.2.  So I have my pretty bar graphs, showing the normal distribution of patient creatinine, and you can visually see which ones fall into the appropriate range.



      The obvious cool thing to do with this would be to see how different the patients are who were in range vs. out of range -- this is where I encounter my problem:   when I drag+select the group of patients who I've bounded by the two reference lines (the in range population), the rest of the qlik file's information will change appropriately to reflect my selection, however my graph doesn't change



      I've attached two screenshots that may help -- the filtering works fine, but the graph doesn't reflect the new filtered selection.


      Any ideas on this?  I didn't see any other forum questions asked about it, but I may just have missed them.