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    Relation between 3 dimentions problem

    Alvaro Garcia

      Hi everyone,

                          I have a problem when i try to create a relation between two dimensions because one of these was related with other dimension and that create a "Circular Reference".


      This is my first time  with the tool and i really don´t know how to solve it.


      Context :

      I try to relate Destinatarios table with Zona table but Clientes table is related with Zona before. (Image 1)

      Image 1.PNG



      When i create a filed in the table Zona for relate this table with Destinatarios, the pogram create a Circular reference. (Imagen 2)

      Image 2.PNG



      Note: I only use the table Zone to obtain geographical information.



      I imagined  a posible solution :



      I think create a other table Zona with other name to masking the problem calling the same table twice, but i thinks its some dirty and waste resources.


      Thanks in advance.