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    QlikView and QlikSense integration

    Eduardo Curonisy

      We have some questions about using QlikView and QlikSense together.


      Currently we have the versions QlikView 11.2 and QlikSense 3.2.


      - We understand that these versions have different engines so only QlikSense can read the QVD's generated in QlikView. Is that correct?


      - In case that from QlikSense we want to read the QVD's generated in QlikView (if we do not use direct Discovery) we would have to load the QVD to QlikSense, ¿is that correct? In other words, we would have duplicate data in QlikSense but more optimized / compressed by the Sense engine theme.


      - If we migrate to QlikView 12.x, having the same engine as QlikSense, we could maintain a single QVD's repository without having to replicate them, is that correct?


      - With QlikView 12.x and the next QlikSense 4.x would work like this last point?