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    "Show Others" and "Show Total" only in bars

    Martha Parsons



      I created a couple charts. Based off the slider the user would select 10 or 15 and it would chart the top 10 or top 15. They want another chart that just has the 'Show Others' and 'Show Total'. I had selected both on the 'Dimension Limits tab, but it is still charting the Top 10 (again based on the slider).


      This is my first expression:  sum({1<Week = {$(=Week(vLastWeek))} ,Year={$(varYear)}>}realdump+nodump)

      And this is my line: sum(realdump+nodump)/Sum(Total realdump+nodump)


      The first chart they love. The second (which is pretty much a copy of the first with the addition of Show Others' and 'Show Total'. But they only want to see the Show Others' and 'Show Total'. Is there a way to make that happen?


      top 10.PNG


      Thank you,