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    Show Duplicate value in dimension in qlik sense

    Sonu Singh

      Hello All,

      I've a Purchase order table(EKPO of SAP) which also contain Price change of a material. Below is the Dummy Data

      Demo Data.PNG

      Now I have to show Price change(PO_Price_Per_Unit FIELD)  Material wise. In dimension i've given drill down (Year ,Month,Day).

      Points to note:-

      1- I've to show only those dates in which price is changed. Suppose on 03/04/2017 i created a PO and price was 83.79 and after few hours again for same material Price is 66.59 so i'll have to show two prices for 03/04/2017.

      2- As you can see on 08/04/2017 new PO is created but Price is same as on 03/04/2017, So in Graph we'll not Consider 08/04/2017( For Solution of This problem I've created flag on Backend u can find the script below). In frontend  i am considering only Flag={'1'}.


      "if(PO_Material_Name= Peek(PO_Material_Name)and [Material Number]= Peek([Material Number])and Plant_EKKO= Peek(Plant_EKKO) and PO_Price_Per_unit= Peek(PO_Price_Per_unit),0,1) as Flag"



      I Just want a solution how to show two Different value for date 03/04/2017.



      P.S. I've  USED recno() as ID in backend and in front end  i took ID as a second dimension. this giving me correct data but chart is too heavy because of 10000+ Id number. So Please Suggest any other Solution.



      Required Data.PNG

      Thanks in advance