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    Front end data insert for "what if" analysis

    Nicolò Cogno

      Hi everybody,


      I'm trying to create a dashboard with a complet formula that compute a rangesum over time and let the user check if there are enough pieces in the storage on a certain date. I'm trying to achieve this by using variables which are used to indicate the piece identifier, the old arriving date and the new date (the one that allows "what if analysis").


      The problem is that the rangesum is complex and I need to change these 3 variables to create the new date column that contains old and new dates together and I can't aggregate by this field.


      I think that the best idea would be insert new data (not too much) on the front-end side, but I think this is not possible.


      What would you suggest me to do?

      Maybe a partial reload that also insert new data in the script from the front-end side?



      Thanks a lot in advance,


      best regards


      Nicolò Cogno