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    Sorting data in ValueList for Qlik Sense

    Fariha Tasneem Khan

      Hello everyone,


      I am a new user of qlik sense and  I require your help to understand the problems in the following two cases.


      In the following bar chart I have used ValueList as measuring field because I had two measures to calculate and I needed them to be in this particular colors. However, once I am trying to sort the data in the bar by a particular measure (EngagementPCT) I am unable to do so. Instead of putting the value in descending order it is showing something like this:

      Capture 2.JPG

      My question is can I sort the data by any of the measures from the ValueList in this particular case? If so how?

      My second question is if you look at the chart you will see category B has 0% of engagement (orange bar is absent). I also wanted to format only this particular bar to show a precision up until two decimal point so that it shows the engagement bar. Is there a way to do it?I am attaching the excel and the app for your help. Any help regarding this will be much appreciated.Thanks in Advance!