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    QlikSense Engine API (Json) to Object

    Khrisanto Sanjaya

      Hi Everyone ,
      i wanna ask about Engine API,
      in engine API we can execute some JSON script that we use for get dimension list, etc
      i have This Request:


        "handle": 1,

        "method": "GetObject",

        "params": {

        "qId": "5d3af2a6-1ba2-4b9d-b741-d64231da7995"


        "outKey": -1,

        "id": 5



      and i have this Response:


        "jsonrpc": "2.0",

        "id": 5,

        "result": {

        "qReturn": {

        "qType": "GenericObject",

        "qHandle": 2,

        "qGenericType": "DimensionList",

        "qGenericId": "5d3af2a6-1ba2-4b9d-b741-d64231da7995"





      what I wanna ask,
      1. what result that i get from this script?
      2. with this script, what can i get from this JSON Script?(Raw Data or i can get the object like in QlikDashboard)

      3. it is possible for me to generate this script into object like in Qliksense apps (into chart {pie, bar, line, etc} )?