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    Exclude a Filter from affecting a particular chart

    Phalgun P



      I have a chart which has 2 measures as follows:

      Measure 1:

      if($(Vendor)=2, Count(distinct{<[NetValueinUSD]={"<=$(=$(vInput))"},[TypeOfContracting]={'Non Contracted'}>}[Vendor Name]),

      if($(Vendor)=1,Count({<[NetValueinUSD]={"<=$(=$(vInput))"},[TypeOfContracting]={'Non Contracted'}>}[PurchDocument])))


      Measure 2:

      Sum({<[NetValueinUSD]={"<=$(=$(vInput))"},[TypeOfContracting]={'Non Contracted'}>}[NetValueinUSD])/1000000


      Now I have a filter pane which has the field, TypeOfContracting, which has 2 values: Contracted and Non Contracted. If I select Contracted in this filter, my chart values are changing. But as you can see from above, I'm using only measures based on Non Contracted data. So, in short, my chart shouldn't display the data if Contracted is selected in the filter. If this is not possible I'd like to exclude this filter from affecting my chart at all. Can anyone help me fix this? TIA!