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    % Of total row

    Ignacio Garcia

      Good morning,


      I am new on Qlik Sense and I have this problem; I try to ask coworkers but no one give me a good solution.qlik.png

      I have this pivot table on Qlik Sense and I would like to create another column that show the % of those values for each month.


      For example, for January what I want is to create a column that show 71% for "no predeterminado" and 29% for "Predeterminado".

      In an excel it is quite simple but here I have no idea.


      Thank you in advance.

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          Sunny Talwar

          Lets say your expression is



          You can create a new one like this

          Sum(Measure)/Sum(TOTAL <MonthYear> Measure)

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              Ignacio Garcia

              Good Morning Sunny,


              Ty so much for ur answer, but i already try it before and it doesn´t work. because i have 2 dimensions on the pivot table.

              do u have another idea? I will apreciate it


              Ty so much

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                  Sunny Talwar

                  What are you two dimensions? This should work with two dimensions....Would you be able to post an image with the above expression? (Make sure you use the correct field names and the placeholders I have used in the expressions above)

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                      Ignacio Garcia

                      This are all my mesures and dimensions.


                      Row : "TIPO COMPRA"



                      Column: "PresentacionPedido"

                      =if(year(fhPresentacionPedido) = $(eMaxAno), fhPresentacionPedido_YYYYMM)Column: "PresentaciónPedido"


                      and the measure is





                                    [Liquidacion.TipoProduccionAgrupado] = { 'RENTING' },         

                                    [Liquidacion.ProduccionPedidos_Calculado] = { '1' }     


                                 if(year(fhCreacionPedido) = $(eMaxAno) and PeriodoFechaFoto = PeriodofhCreacionPedido,





                      Dont know if u need any thing more, if u need pls let me know.


                      thank you in advance