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    Getting dimension percentile


      Dear All,


      I would like to have your support in two challenges I am facing in my application.




      I have a table with my company´s suppliers, which is sorted by theirs deliverable grades (from the highest to the lowest). I would like to add in this table a column with the rownumber and also in which percentile this supplier is among all of them (the table is below: the suppliers are in the first column - dimension - and they are sorted by their grades - the last column ("NOTA GERAL").






      Using the application´s filters, I would like to keep at least the supplier percentile even if its also filteres (e.g. I would like to see that "PRIMO FACTORY" is in position number two, even if the user filter only him (keeping all the others filters on))


      If I was not clear enough, please tell me!


      Regards and thank you in advance!