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    best visualization to show "trend" of non-quantitative measure values

    Casey Marincin

      I am working in Qlik Sense 3.2.  I am trying to show a "trend" of a non-quantitative measure values.  The measure is for a field that has one of two values -- 'pass' or 'fail'.  The dimension is a date field.  I would normally use a line or bar chart for this situation, and I know that I can map the two non-quantitative measure values to quantitative values (e.g., 1/0).  However, the user does not want to mentally transform the numerical measure values back to the original non-quantitative values.  He / she wants the visualization to simply show some icon (e.g., a bar, or a point) that is associated to the measure values "pass" and "fail" for each date.  How can I achieve this?