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    Format value on data point two times different

    benjamin Dieckmann

      Hello all


      I have a stacked bar chart with two dimensions, Year and country. In the bar-chart expression I made a dual-expression to get the sales of the two countries as percentage so that the bar is split (e.g 46% and 54%) and the second statement of the dual-expression is just vor the size of the bar to represent the sales-value.


      With values on data point I put the percentage value inside the bars and with "display values on top" I put the sales-value above the bar. So far so good, but my problem is, that the sales-value on top of the bar looks like this 123456789.0987654.


      Does anyone know, how to just format the value on top of the bar? If I try to set the sales-value in the expression via num() function, it is ignored, nothing happens. I will handle it as a normal integer number, but as soon as I change any setting in the numbers-tab, my percentage will switch to integer or what ever.


      Hope you understand what I try to explain