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    Brunello Menicucci

      Hello experts, just a quick question: after installing 1.7 it looks like I'm unable to set properly vG.SharedConfigPath. Where is it defined? Using Qlik Sense I currently get it set as "C:\Qlikfolder\1.Company\99.Shared_Folders\5.Config" while the proper number of the folder is 4.Config as I set the container as "Slimmed Down".

      Any idea?

      Thanks for any suggestion!

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          Magnus Berg

          Hi Brunello, it's the initiation cach introduced in 1.7 that is messing with you when changing container types. Add these variables in the beggining to reset (first reload only). We will have a look on how to do this in a better way, as the cache is needed to keep the initiation complexity down.




          Clear Initiation Cache

          To speed up initiation, a variable cache function has been introduced (v1.7 and later). The cache will validate the Home and shared container root path, if path is the same as last initiation then old global variables will be used. When the cache is used, these lines appear in log and output window.
          '### QDF Info, Global Variables using cache'
          '### QDF Info, Shared Global Variables using cache'

          To override the cache function, add these lines before the initiation script.

          set vG.BasePath=;
          set vG.SharedBasePath=;