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    Nprint to excel table then graph

    Ronald Wang

      I have used Nprint to export an excel table and there are some excel chart based on the table, the issue is now that the chart won’t automatically update after the data has been updated. Anyone has experienced this and what is the solution? thanks


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          Lech Miszkiewicz

          No I have not share such exprerience!


          Please share your NPrinting excel template. You may have a mistake in range selections for chart data series.

          Also - as always - couple screenshots would help.

          What is designed output - excel file?

          What are your charts? Maybe they are Pivot Charts?




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            Lech Miszkiewicz

            Ok.. I know you opened new case for it. What you can do to attach XLS to this thread is to "Use advanced editor" which will allow you to add attachments. Maybe delete the other thread to not confuse people.



            Now to your issue.


            Well - it is as simple as your data is coming through to excel as a text (not as a number). There is few things you can do to force it to be a number

            • multiply cell by 1
              • This is a workaround which will work for sure but it requires little bit of playing as:
                1. you will have to move your NPrinting Node
                2. multiply Node by 1 (this can be only done in separate cell )
                3. formula referencing to your node - on screenshot cell J7 will return number for sure!!
                4. i usually then hide a column which i do not need


            • format cell in NPrinting editor (when editing Excel template)
              • if you use option Cell


              • if you use table then it is here:
                • 4.png


            So here is why the numbers are not coming through for you:




            hope this helps you.


            Let me know how it goes!





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                Ronald Wang


                Thanks Lech,




                I know option 1 will work as it is same as getting into the cell and hit enter.




                I have tried your option 2 and 3 to format the cell as value but it did not work. Even you looked at my original file you can see I have exported the data without keeping the format and format the destination cell as number format. But how come it is still recognised as text value? I have followed exactly what you have done and still got the same situation. So strange.