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    How to read a tag in xml?

    Arghya Ray

      Hi Everyone,


      I have a web service which when called returns a xml in the format as given below:


      <article objectType='journal'>







      Now I have to check the artctg tag. If it is 'include' I have to insert a value 'Y' in another column named VERSION which can be easily done.


      The problem I am facing is that say for any other <doi> when the web service is called the xml returns:


      <article objectType='journal'/>

      and there is no <artctg> tag due to which the condition <artctg>='include' can't be applied because Qlikview can't detect the <artctg>

      tag. Therefore the column VERSION goes blank.

      Can you please help me out in this.


      Thanks and Regards,