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    Can i show Group of mesures in a same column ?

    Alvaro Garcia

      Hi everyone , i had some doubts about create Measure groups and show it in the same column.



      I have 6 measures and two groups:


      Real data:

      • Sales
      • Unit Price
      • Quantity

      Goals Data:

      • Sales Goal
      • Unit Price Goal 
      • Quantity Goal


      and i want show and compare:


      • Sales of Real Data  with Sales Goals of Goals Data
      • Unit Price of  Real Data  with Unit Price Goal of Goals Data
      • Quantity of  Real Data  with Unit Quantity Goal of Goals Data


      and  optain for each one an indicator in the same line of each comparation in a pivot table




      Actually i can only display the information at this way

      Mesure Groups actual.PNG


      But i want show the information at this way

      Mesure Groups.PNG



      I tried differents ways but i fail.

      It's possible do what i want natively ? or i need one extension o something ?


      Thanks in advance,