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    Table A Left Join Table B error

    Jamie Lim

      I am trying to connect 2 tables - a Calendar and a PH table containing the Public Holiday Dates and Public Holiday Names.


      The key that connects the 2 tables is BusinessDate. I used Left Join (MasterCalendar) as I want to retain all dates in the Master Calendar and be able to identify the Public Holiday name if it is a public holiday.


      I am loading the distinct records of Public Holiday dates as the originating tables had duplicates in them.


      When I load the 2 tables individually, they look perfectly fine. However, when I join them, the Public Holiday name is not coming through.


      Can anyone help to see what is wrong with this data load?




        Date(TempDate,'DD/MM/YYYY') as BusinessDate

      Resident TempCalendar;

      Drop Table TempCalendar;



      LOAD distinct

          Date(PHDate,'DD/MM/YYYY') as BusinessDate,

          capitalize (PHName) as PH_Name

      FROM [lib://QLIKQVD (qliksense_administrator)/eHR_PH.qvd] (qvd);


      left join (MasterCalendar)

      Load * resident PH;

      Drop table PH;


      Thanks. !