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    Report constantly updating when no update has happened

    Andy Weir

      I have a weird one that maybe you guys can shed some light on.


      I have an up to date cached report.


      When i go into preview it I get a dataentity error message like the report isnt up to date.

      I click to update the objects in this case a straight table and run the preview this time it generates and the same 4 fields keep not displaying.


      <=[Activity ID]>

      <=AGGR(DISTINCT [%ClaimKey],[%ActivityKey])>

      <=AGGR(MAX(DATE([Claim Submitted Date],'DD/MM/YYYY')),[%ActivityKey])>

      <=IF([_ApprovedFlag]='True',[Activity Status],null())>


      The rest of the fields generate fine its these same fields each time.


      In case you think its the <= part I have plenty of fields that have start and it works fine


      <=Date([Activity Start Date],'DD/MM/YYYY')>


      Any suggestions?