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    Welcome to the ChatBots group

    Juan Gerardo Cabeza Luque

      Conversational Analytics could be seen as a new interface for us, as messaging platforms are becoming more and more used every day.

      In this group I am sharing information about this idea, that started with the development of a Telegram Bot.

      Qlik Sense is the best Visual Analytics Platform in the market nowadays, with the best Governance model available in an analytic solution. But the most powerfull strength in Qlik Sense is their APIs, that enables us to build any integration. Keep in mind that a ChatBot is just an example of the use of our APIs, but many other solutions can be built based on our Qlik Platform.

      During next weeks I will share different content and code to build a basic example of a ChatBot, that could be used to build more complex bots. These examples will be built with C# on .Net, using the Qlik Sense .Net SDK.



           Juan Gerardo