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    Problem with autoreload button

    Michele Carrino



      I have a problem with the extension that permits to create a reload button wich can be programmed to automatically recharge all the data.


      The extension can be downloaded from this link http://branch.qlik.com/?&_ga=2.5787376.2128522137.1497856050-463498840.1497455833#!/project/58276ae8d4dbcc7481114356 . Once the extension has been loaded, It can launched inside the sheet:


      The data can be loaded in two ways: the first one Is to wait for the time shown on the right, the second one is to refresh the data, clicking on the button.

      The fact is that any way to reload the data has the same result:


      Technically there shouldn have been no mistakes as written in the guide.


      How is that possible?