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    Flag in load script

    Lukas Büdenbender

      Dear all,

      I've got a problem with setting a flag in Qlikview load script.

      What I want to do is set a Flag to all Order Numbers where Sales(Income) is recorded.

      I've tried the following statement:




      load *,

      if(rangesum(if(Cost.Element.MiKa='Sales',Actual))<>0 or rangesum(if(Cost.Element.MiKa='Income',Actual))<>0,'billed','not billed') as Billing.Indicator.Sales




      Now I got a Flag to the Order Number with a recorded Sales and where Cost Element=Sales(Income). What I want to achieve is to set a flag to all order numbers where sales(income) <>0 regardless the cost element to show the CMIIa.

      Is this possible?


      Thanks in advance