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    Qlikview Ring chart with dual(replace()) function

    Sristi Upreti

      Hi Team


      I have a ring chart where in my 3rd expression(size of ring) i am using dual function  for displaying values on mouse hover pop-up over ring:

      =dual('Net Margin:'&' ='&replace(num(sum(1000000/23),'#,##.0'),chr(44),chr(39)),replace(num(sum(1000000/23),'#,##.0'),chr(44),chr(39)))


      It is working fine. But the size of the rings is becoming same after putting the above expression.

      Also I have tried in Properties-> Number->Fixed To

      My requirement is:

      I want to show the numbers as 4'34'78.3 rather than 4,34,78.3

      I want the size of the rings to be as per size and the values to display like 4'34'78.3 on mouse hover pop-up over ring


      Please help

      Thanks in Advance