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    Listbox Selections

    Braham Edwards

      Morning all

      I have two questions about the selection of values in a list box. It seems so basic, yet it is not working as I would expect. In our business we use an ICD code that has the following structure: J10, J10.0, J10.1, J10.2 ...J10.9, J11, J11.0, J11.1 etc. I would like to select a number of values and entered the following J10.1|J10.9|J11.2. Qlikview returns all the values for this code. If I enter "J10.1"|"J10.9"|"J11.2"  (ie within double quotes) I get a number of values returned, but still not 100% correct, as J10 and J11 are also returned. I have changed my search mode to normal. Within Qlikview I have also always used single quotes. This search only accepts double quotes. When should you use single and when should you use double quotes.



      Braham Edwards