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    Preload option in QMC

    Deepak Sibi

      Hi Folks,


      I have 18GB of qvw document. Using Qlikview server 11.20.12904.0. The document usually takes 3 to 4 min to load in access point sometimes it will never open untill we press F5 to open. Server capacity is 16 Cores and 122 of RAM. Sometimes now we're frequently facing an error called Failed to load : URL: undefined when pressing F5. I need some suggestions and I have few questions regarding preload and other stuffs.


      1. Will Preload option work even in the manual reload (not QMC reload) and copy pasting.


      2. Will preload load that application's data into memory after server or services restarts automatically.


      3. As I mentioned above about the error Failed to load : URL: undefined. RAM and CPU usage is completely free means 5 to 10% during that time. So I'm surprised why that QVW is not loading into QVS. Can anyone guess what could the issue behind this. FYI., It worked again every time when I'm restarting qlikview services.

      Thanks a lot,

      Deepak M