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    NPrinting chart render help

    Darrell Tobin


      I have created an NPrinting connection, app and report choosing excel as the output.  I have added the Qliksense objects into the NPrinting report.


      I need the show 6 charts per page to render in the format as below:

      Three wide by two deep on a landscape page.

      3 by 2 charts.PNG


      In the Qliksense app (that feeds the NPrinting app) we can see that the chart rendering enforces the slide bar at the bottom rather than allowing the user to choose to display all of the chart (See below).






      When I migrate this to the NPrinting app it renders ‘as is’ so it is totally useless as the end user cannot scroll.


      I then rebuilt the same chart full size on the Qliksense app page so as to display the whole chart (remove slide bar).

      I then add the charts objects to the NPrinting excel app in a row with three charts fitting to one page width


      <Object 1>             <Object 2>                <Object 2>  

        The result is that each chart covers the whole excel page width (One chart per page) and ignores my selected positions


      How do I get the charts to show how I want them to?

      Can I put pivot tables in the excel NPrinting file to create my own charts?