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    How to filter for values between dates?

    matt parker

      Hello All,


      I am trying to filter a straight table by inputting date ranges into either an "Input Box", "Text Object" or something else? The key is I want both fields to reference the same data. For instance, I have a field called Start Date and Due Date. I DO NOT want to filter on the start date. I want to be able to enter Two dates into either the "Input Box" ,"Text Object", or something else and have it filter BY Due Date only.


      Example of Straight Table:


      Project NameSummaryIssue TypeStart DateDue Date
      PMO Jelly BeanJelly BeanNew Client5/1/20176/30/2017
      PMO Kit-KatKit-KatNew Client2/14/201710/1/2017


      I want to be able to enter any dates and have it filter accordingly. So if i enter in 6/1/2017 in one box and 6/30/2017 in other box I should only get PMO Jelly Bean. Again, If I enter in 6/31/2017 to 10/5/2017 I should only be seeing PMO Kit-Kat.


      I am relatively new to qlikview and have look at other discussions on date ranges and can't seem to find one that will filter the data correctly. Thank You.