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    Show only data from the past 7 days

    Aaron Wang

      I want to show data from the past 7 days only.


      I currently have


      sum({<Date={">=$(WeekStart( Today()-7))<$(=today()))"},[Customer] = >}

      date([Paid in full date])


      date([Invoice date])

      ) / Count( {<Date={'>=$(WeekStart( Today()-7))'},[Customer] = >}Count)


      But the above literally does nothing, its the same as if I didn't put in the time parameters. I tried testing the bottom  count(Count)

      part to see if my date limitations even worked, and even just the bottom part doesn't change (17 records normally, still 17 after putting the limitation on).

      Any ideas?

      As you can see, the Average days to pay is the same in both scenarios. The top chart doesn't have the date limitations in the set expression.same2.png