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    Please help! COGS showing as 0

    Kathryn Schneider

      Running into an issue creating a job profitability and margin report by customer. I am using Quickbooks Advanced Reporting and followed this guide: QuickBooks Advanced Reporting – Building A Report - insightfulaccountant.com


      My dimension is Transactions.Customer Full Name


      My expressions are for sales revenue, cost, profit, profit margin, and sales rep.  Everything looks good except for the cost column.  This is the definition I am using: sum({<$(vExprCogs)>}[Transactions.Amount With Sign])


      My cost column is filling in all 0's.


      I also am trying to figure out how to have that column show not only COGS associated with that job but also payroll expenses associated with that job.


      Appreciate any help, and please talk to me as if I know nothing about what I am doing.