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    Editing Field Names without Breaking Objects for Qlik Sense

    Damian Siu

      Hi All,


      This is more of a general question; my situation is this:


      There are multiple existing Apps/Sheets with objects and expressions that are currently linked to a particular field name.

      The particular field name needs to be updated to something else.

      Unfortunately the expressions in the objects were not written with variables in mind.


      Is there anyway for me to change the field names, and have the objects update to the new field name without manually going into each object, opening up the expressions editor and replacing the old name with the new one in Qlik Sense?


      From what I've researched on the Qlik community, it seems Qlikview had an Expressions Overview tool that allowed the user to open up all expressions and do a Search and Replace function. Is there a solution where I could utilize this function of Qlikview via importing/exporting? Or is there an extension that offers a similar functionality? Any alternative suggestions are also welcome. Appreciate any help or advice on this!