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    YTM Calculation

    Sheetal Borchate



      I want to calculate YTM target.

      Eg. If user select April month then FTM and YTM will be same. but when he select May there should be addition of 2 months target i.e April & May

      For The Month(FTM) Expresion

      =Count({<NDATE={">$(vMaxUDate)","NULL"},JDATE={"<$(vMaxUDate)"}>}distinct ET)*NOAUDIT


      YTM Expression

      =if(MONTH='Apr',count({<JDATE={"<=$(vMonthEnd)"},CY={"$(vMaxYear)"},CN={1},NDATE={"NULL"}>} distinct ET)*NOAUDIT,

      if(MONTH='May',(count({<JDATE={"<=$(vMonthEnd)"},CY={"$(vMaxYear)"},CN={1},NDATE={"NULL"}>} distinct ET)*NOAUDIT)


      (count({<JDATE={"<=$(vMonthEnd)"},CY={"$(vMaxYear)"},CN={2},NDATE={"NULL"}>} distinct ET)*NOAUDIT))



      where vMaxUDate=max(DATE) is Unlink date

      CY is year, CN is Monthnum I am passing 1 in CN for April Month and 2 For May Month


      Need help !!!