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    Hidden items in story and current selections in Qliksense

    Nathan S

      Hi There,


      I'm having two issues with Qliksense stories that I'm hoping someone can assist with.  In our Qliksense apps, we have some of our visualisations compressed in size in order to save space on the left pane as I've done in the attached image (story.png).  You're then able to expand the object, make selections, and close the object again.  This seems to be a problem when objects of this type are embedded in a story (i.e. when embedding an existing sheet in a story).  In Sense, once you've started playing the story, you can expand the selections box and make selections, but you're then unable to return to the story again (second attachment Nowaypack!.png).  Is there any way around this?


      A second issue we have is related to the users being unable to see what they've selected.  Is there any way to add some sort of "current selections" bar to the story so the user can know what has already been selected without having to return to the sheet?