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    Show/Hide container is not working instantly in qliksense

    Vandith Veera

      Hi everyone,

      Can any one help me regarding Show/Hide container in Qlik Sense.Here my problem is it is not instantly even though the condition is changing as expected.



      In Conditional Visualizations, i have used 2 charts 1 .State Map 2. City Map.

      Conditions used for state map is if(GetSelectedCount(StateArea) = 0 , 1, 0)  and for City map is if(GetSelectedCount(StateArea) >1 , 1, 0). When iam selecting any state, condition is changing as expected but chart is not hiding dynamically.

      After selecting any state, when i go to previous sheet and coming back to my maps sheet then state map is hiding and city map is showing but on instant it is not changing dynamically. Is any problem with extension or any wrong in my coding?