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    Create own Totals Calculation Expression in a Straight Table

    Matteo Pietrucci


      i have a problem with a request made by the customer; i have a straight table in my QlikSense App with 2 dimension and 7 measures.
      In presentation, every measure in straight table as Totals (sum); now, in the ultimate measure i must change totals with new criteria but in QS i only change : SUM,COUNT,AVG,AUTOMATIC,MAX, MIN, NOTHING.


      I must write in the ultimate measure: totals of Expression1 / totals of Expression7 .


      Is There solution for this problem?



      Expression1 is: Sum({$<YEARMONTH={'$(vMaxYearMonth)'}>}Sales)

      Expression7 is: Sum({$<YEARMONTH={'$(vMaxYearMonth)'}>}Quantity/TOT)


      I would that for Totals in Expression7, in above all, result is: Total of Expression1 (sum every rows) / Total of Expression1 (sum every rows).

      Thanks for all and sorry 4 my bad english,