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    Convert a QlikView file in a QlikSense App

    Matteo Raimondi


      I have a QlikView file that I want to convert in a QlikSense app. I am using the converter wich is in the Dev Hub.


      The QW file have Section Access and I know that this is a problem so I cancel the script part reguarding section access and I drag and drop my file into converter.

      At this point there are two type of problem:


           - on my pc the converter refuse the file with the error attached. (it concern the presence of section access even if I delete it)


           - on my collegue's pc the converter create the app but when we open it Qlik Sense give us an error and the app doesn't work.


      Anyone can help us?

      We use the converter for other apps and all work quite good with no problem.


      Thanks in advance,