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    Qlik Sense Neo4j JDBC need help

    Philip Cognetta III

      I am relatively new to Qlik Sense, and so I have been browsing the community to get answers to my questions. Now I have one question that I can't seem to get a clear answer for.


      I have been tasked with connecting my team's Neo4j instance to Qlik Sense. I found several tutorials:

      Install Custom Connector in Qlik Sense Desktop



      My first question is which of the following links contain the correct downloads to configure JDBC for Qlik Sense?:

      Working with Graph Data from Neo4j in QlikView

      Working with Graph Data from Neo4j


      Now I don't have access to the filesystem of the Qlik Sense server my team uses, so would I need to contact an admin to set up and configure the JDBC using the files in the above links? I believe I have the correct tutorial in the first link in this post.


      And finally, after JDBC has been successfully configured to connect Qlik Sense to our Neo4j instance, I will need graph visualization extensions. I have found some developed by rbecher:

      Visualization of Graph Data

      However, these extensions are for QlikView. Are QlikView extensions compatible with Qlik Sense? Or am I forced to develop my own extension, possibly reusing code from the .qvw/.qar files Ralf developed?


      Any guidance is greatly appreciated.