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    Conditional Coloring when using fabs() function

    Casey McDonald

      Hello, I am trying to see if its possible to use the fabs() function to get the absolute value of a number but use conditional coloring.



      For May, we have 150 Closed Work Orders and 100 Open work Orders, so Closed - Open = 50. This means 50 work orders in the back log were closed (yay!)


      For June, we have 100 Closed Work orders and 150 Open work Orders, so in this case Closed - Open = (-50). So 50 was added to the back log (boo!)


      I have used the fabs() function in the KPI object to show the absolute value, as to get rid of the negative sign in the KPI object, per my client's request (so in the object both of those instances would just show (+50). However, I want to use the conditional coloring to show that when the count is actually negative number (but isn't displaying as a negative per my client's request and use of fabs) it should be orange and when it is an actual positive number to show back logged reduced, it should be green.


      So 50 should be green for May, but orange for June. Ideally, I would like to condition it so it shows the little up and down triangles as well.


      Is there a way to do this using the fabs() function? Or perhaps a way to format the expression to just show a negative as a positive for display, but not to change it in the actual expression so the conditioning would work? Thanks in advance!