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    how to convert 20 digit number in qlikview

    virendra chawra



      I have 18 to 20 digit phone number in below sub query :


      SUB callrequest_f(ColumnDetails, KeyColumn)

        ColumnDetails = '

        batchjobid as [Batch Job ID]


            ,deleteflag as [Delete Flag]

        ,modifiedon_src as [Modified on Source]

        ,modifiedon_stg as [Modified on Staging]

        ,modifiedon_wh as [Modified on Warehouse]

        ,Phone_Number                                  as [Phone number]




        KeyColumn = '[Call Request WID]';



      END SUB


      and i am getting phone number like  45675645+e15  ..


      I want complete number .please suggest .


      where to add cast function in the above sub queries.