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    How to alias fields in sense smart search

    Ashesh Das

      I have built a mashup in Qlik Sense where we can create visualizations on the fly by typing in a textbox.


      Here is the Wiki page of that mashup.


      According to the content of the Wiki page, we can alias a field name within our code. The link for this info is here.


      I have modified my code in the following way as mentioned by the Wiki:



          //alias 'brand' as 'org' --- not working

          senseSearch.inputs["myInput"].nlpModel.fieldNounMap.org = "brand";

          //make the 'total' function operate as 'count' -- working

          senseSearch.inputs["myInput"].nlpModel.functionMap.total = "count";





      But here, the alias functionality is not working but when I am trying to override the functionality of the 'total' function it works.


      Where am I going wrong in the first place? Please suggest