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    On comparing fields, how to get the number of fields that have matched?

    Hemendra Ahuja

      I have 4 fields in a table A and 5 fields in a table B.
      I am comparing each of the 5 fields in table B to each of the 4 fields in table A because in a particular row, a value in any field in table B can match a value in any field in table A.
      So how can i get the number of fields of table B that matched ?



           A1    |    A2   |   A3   |   A4                                      B1   |   B2   |   B3   |   B4   |   B5

            3          4          5         6                                        5          6         7         8         3


      here for this particular row, the answer will be 3, i.e. A1=B5, A3=B1, A4=B2.
      So how can I get this count?
      Please help.