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    UDC is not configured. Operation has timed out.

    Kashif Ansari

      Hi All,


      I have been trying to get UDC operational using an Oracle DB but not able to succeed. UDC is behaving inconsistent. It connected once and created the users stored in the DB table but it stopped working after that. After lot of debugging I added a Connect Timeout paramter to the visible conn string and it worked for a day or two but it stopped working again.


      I am using the below conn string :-


      Driver={Oracle in OraClient12home2};Dbq=<TNSEntry name>;Uid=<DB user>;Pwd=<pwd>;ConnectTimeout=60;




      Driver={Oracle in OraClient12home2};Dbq=<ODBC DSN Name>;Uid=<DB user>;Pwd=<pwd>;Connect Timeout=60;


      none of which seems to work. I keep getting below error after 30 seconds:-


      Operation has timed out.


      The log has the below error :-

      ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation


      I am able to connect to the same DB user using DB Client tool like Toad or SQL Plus and query the tables. Even tnsping to the Tns entry works fine.


      Any pointers much appreciated.