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    Count of Items in Chart and Table differs

    Justin Dallas

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a chart and a table that both have the same backing formula.  The fundamental problem is that in my Table, I have 3 rows, and in my Bar Chart, I have a count of "2".


      Before I show the chart and table, my measures look like so:


      Bar Chart:

        ([TractorStatusHistory.StatusStartDate] <  Min(TOTAL CalDate)) and 
        ([TractorStatusHistory.StatusEndDate] > Max(TOTAL CalDate)),  




        [TractorStatusHistory.StatusStartDate] < Min(TOTAL CalDate) 
        and [TractorStatusHistory.StatusEndDate] > Max(TOTAL CalDate), 



      While they look the same, the output is quite different with the Table having 3 rows, and the Bar Chart counting 2




      Does anyone have a clue of how I can see the exact rows making up the bar chart?  Or better yet, are the two statements above semantically equivalent?  I'm not sure how to proceed.



      Any help is greatly appreciated.