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    Connect to Qlik Sense Server from other machine on network

    Brett Luckman



      I've installed a clean QS Server instance and all appears to work fine on the server, but I cannot reach QMC or the Hub pages from any other machine on the same internal network.

      When I try to access it at https://myservername.com/hub my browser returns a "This site cannot be reached..... ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" message.


      If in the virtual proxy settings I change the Authentication access mode from 'No anonymous user' to 'Allow anonymous user', then the same URL will immediately open the Hub page to me. I have not synced this QS Server with our AD directory yet, but in another server instance I recall that users were able to try and reach the hub page and there received an "access denied" message, after which I could see them in the Users list and give them a role, etc. In this case I can't even get that far.


      Standard required ports are all open, host white list entries have been added in the virtual proxy. Any suggestions as to what I should check next would be much appreciated.


      Thanks, Brett