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    Accessing the Capabilities API from node.js app

    David Farache

      Hello community,


      We have a node.js server that hosts several mashups and webapps powered by Qlik through the Capabilities API.


      Now we'd like to run some automated tasks from our server, which could be done using this API. However, I see that when working from a server, one is supposed to use other libraries such as qsocks or enigma.js.


      The problem with these libraries is that we'd need the Sense certificates to connect to the Sense Sever and our Qlik Admins are not so happy about this because that would give the developers full access to all of the QMC functions when all we really need is to fetch some hypercubes.


      Is there a way have access to functionality similar to the one from Capabilities API from a node.js application without needing the certificates?