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    Not all Data connected from Excel

    Michael Chaussy

      Hi all,


      I am a complete novice in using Sense and although I figured out quite a bit already I am having one major issue with which I hope you might be able to help. I am currently using the Sense Desktop (free) Version.


      I am creating a new app using data from Excel (XLSX) in total I would like to connect 20 columns. Each containing either text or numbers. While the majority of the columns are imported without a problem it is always the same 5 columns (containing numbers between 1 - 365 or text "X") that are "rejected" without a reason. They simply do not appear.


      I first thought it might be an issue of only being allowed a certain number of columns (as it is a free version) and so I tried importing just the 5 columns that had been rejected. Unfortunately to no avail as the import stays blank.


      I next checked the formatting of the cells but they are all the same (Standard).


      So now I am at a bit of a loss what the issue might be. As I said all the other data imports fine no problem.


      I would be very grateful if somebody could give me some help on the matter.


      Thank you very much in advance.