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    For each & For - looping throught data

    Grzegorz Smajdor



      I am trying to loop through data like this:


      Employee, StartDate, EndDate, Department

      Mark, 01/01/2017, 02/01/2017, HR

      Joey, 01/01/2017, 03/01/2017, HR

      Ana, 02/01/2017, 06/01/2017, BI



      and then load a table which should look like:


      Employee, WorkingDate, Department

      Mark, 01/01/2017, HR

      Mark, 02/01/2017, HR

      Joey, 01/01/2017, HR

      Joey, 02/01/2017, HR

      Joey, 03/01/2017, HR

      Ana, 02/01/2017, BI

      Ana, 03/01/2017, BI

      Ana, 04/01/2017, BI

      Ana, 05/01/2017, BI

      Ana, 06/01/2017, BI


      The purpose is to get a table with all working dates for each employee (from StartDate to EndDate).


      I guess I should use For each (employee) & For (from StartDate to EndDate)... but don't know how.

      Any suggestions?