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    Pivot Tables, a simple question

    Giulio Andrea Toscano

      Hi All,


      I am facing a small problem that I would like to solve


      As the following picture, I have a pivot like that:

      • Dim 1= Customer
      • Dim 2 =Product

      The aim of my table is: knowing which customer has bought which product and in which is the first date (my measure), but I am interested also in which product has not bought one customer.


      I would like to know if is possible to avoid the fact that when I select one customer for example 'A' the dataset is restricted in automatic to only the product that this customer has bought. My ideal output is that the customer column will be responsive at any customer filter, but the product column not.


      I already know that there is the possibility to use 1 in the set analysis or the expression <Customer=>, but by doing that the Customer dimension is not filterable!.


      Hoping to be clear,