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    Unrunnable tasks with "Cluster is down" problem in QlikView QMC

    Julio Arriaga

      Hi everyone,

      Just today in the morning our server appeared with most of the tasks with the parameter "Cluster is down" in the "Started/Scheduled" column (image 1).


      * If we click the "Edit this task" button and click "Apply" with that task, it seems to fix it. Also if we do the same thing unhabilitating and habilitating again, also the task fixes. Nevertheless if we try to run the task, it appears to run for some time after reverting to its initial state. The task history doesn't appear to register anything.

      * If we try to create a new task, it does the same thing of appearing to run for some seconds before reverting to its initial state.

      * Also, the accesspoint, when we try to open an application in it, it gives a connection error (image 2).



      This is what we tried so far:

      * We checked the information of all the tasks in C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\MagamentService\QVPR and we found the files well.

      * We checked the .meta and .shared files to see if there was any trouble there.


      Thanks for your time.